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Master Maths Classes for Class 3rd-12th std

Master Maths Teachers from NIT

The Mathly, an exclusive platform for Online Live Classes Math's in India helps students you to learn mathematics in a very interactive and engaging manner. Our Online Master Program in India brings you the best Math's Experts from NIT’s and other prestigious colleges in India and abroad

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Our Packages ranges from ₹1000 per month to ₹2000 per month

Our mission at The Mathly is to become the best Live Online Math’s Coaching in India and abroad

India's Best Live Maths Classes 
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Classes by Teachers from NIT


Master Math Classes For Class 3

We Provide Online Math’s Classes for Class 3 to Class 10. Classes happen 3 days a week and each class last for 1 hour followed by 15 minutes doubt session

Ishwinder is a great teacher my daughter is in 6th std now, she was always scared of mathematics, however after taking maths classes at The Mathly, now she is totally different person, she wants to do maths now. I am very happy with the quality of classes offered by The Mathly

Rasham Gulati



We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to guarantee each of our students overcomes their academic challenges and achieves their learning goals. Let us know how we can help you.

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About US


We are Master Maths Teachers with a minimum of 6+ years of teaching experience, experts from various NIT colleges. After teaching more than 10000 plus students worldwide not limited to only Asian countries, But USA, UK and various parts of Europe also, Students do really struggle in mathematics and which is a hard fact its, not they cannot do maths it's like the way maths concepts are taught or represented is totally different.
So we have taken up the challenge of teaching the most difficult concepts in maths simpler way so that almost each and every student can understand the core concepts of maths very well.
We have taken up the challenge of Creating The Mathly, the best mathematics platform for students around the world !!!!